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Ritual is a vital component of any religion.  It can also be a source of struggle for any writer.  After years of studying ritual components, construction, and magic, we were astounded at the lack of resources online.  As the Pagan community grew, so did our presence online.  However, the sources one has available online are quite scattered, especially where ritual is concerned.  Though those that post their personal ritual contributions are to be commended, we sought out to create the one-stop ritual writing source.  Anyone who has attempted to write a ritual from scratch and sought out inspiration from pre-written works online and in books can see why this is necessary.  Hours after you began your quest for inspiration online, you had probably only been rewarded with a sore neck, strained eyes, and an irritable disposition after reading the exact same ritual for the tenth time on a different website.  We want to help.

We have compiled essays on each step of ritual so that one can get a basic understanding of what it is, why we do it, where it falls in the ritual, some variance in ritual structure (even among those of the same path), and then we’ve provided further resources for becoming proficient at performing that step in addition to information on how to write ritual, opinion articles on ritual practices, and dozens of other resources that we’ve found to be invaluable.  There is also a message board for feedback, submitting articles, sharing links, posting other information we may have missed, and requesting help when writing a ritual or spell.  There is still much more to come, however!  Look for correspondence charts, a section on ritual music and chants, videos teaching ritual dances, podcasts with guided groundings and centerings, essays on tools, and several other surprises!

This site is equipped with information to suit both beginners and more advanced students of the Craft.

For beginners, we recommend taking a look at the sections on the steps of ritual.  Though this information is briefly covered in almost every Wicca 101 book, we have gone a few steps further and added resources for proficiency, where you can find examples as well as articles and books on how and why we do each step, its place in ritual, and other important notes.

For more advanced ritualists, we’ve assembled a host of resources to make your ritual writing easier.  Not only will you find excellent examples to draw from for almost any type of ritual but we’ve also drafted lists of example ritual themes, and will be adding texts, music, dances, chants, and much more.  You might even take a look at the steps of ritual articles since we’ve gone far beyond laying out the order!

Our lists of examples of both rituals and spells are meant to serve as inspiration to aid in writing your own rituals as well as to show that the only limit to writing ritual is your own creativity and work ethic.  These lists are not meant to act as recommended reading lists (which you can find here) as there are many books included on them that are not accurate or well-written.

Our entire idea for this website is best summed up by Edain McCoy*:

“If someone gives you a spell you can make successful magic once. If someone shows you how to analyze spell structure and to construct your own spells, you not only can make magic forever, but you will become magic as well.”

*Please note that by using a very appropriate quote by Edain McCoy, we are not showing support for her works.  See our recommended reading page for accurate Pagan works and our authors to avoid list on that page for other authors (like Edain McCoy) who do not provide serious and accurate information.
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