Roots of Ritual Is Moving

November 11, 2012

Hello, everyone!  I have a big announcement for all of our beloved readers today!  Roots of Ritual has moved.  If you have bookmarked then you’re fine and needn’t change your bookmarks.  If, however, you’ve saved, you will need to change your bookmark.  The new site has been revamped with a new look, art, and, most importantly, has the new September/October update on it!  So head on over and check out its sheer awesomeness!

Keep in mind, however, that if you have subscribed here, your subscription will not transfer to the new site.  You will need to re-subscribe to keep getting updates on new content.



3 Responses to “Roots of Ritual Is Moving”

  1. Si.Weaver Says:

    Dear Aislynn,

    thank you for your recent email regarding the new website (not .com as in the email)

    I had a look, it is very good, a big improvement and I would like to register… however, there are too many “Required field” boxes to complete.

    Therein lays the dilemma; for me to complete the boxes honestly I would have to give you (and your web-master) my real name and address and phone number etc At this point in my development, I’m half way round on my first year and a day, it’s not possible for me to do that. My family are not even aware of what I’m studying…

    The other option is to complete the form with a false address etc… easy to do… but it would be a lie and it just doesn’t feel right to do that.

    Is it possible to remove some or all of the “required” fields or is it okay with you to enter a “nom de plume” false name and address etc?

    With sincere best wishes.


  2. dee romo Says:

    Aislynn, I tried to go to the new site but I keep getting a messege 400 bad request????

    Dee Romo

    Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 23:03:00 +0000 To:

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